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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 25, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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secret documents to wikileaks's julian assange. a live report from the pentagon. i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is following the countdown and the buildup ahead of tonight's state of the union address. as president obama left the oval office a couple of hours ago he talked about how his speech is coming together. >> i think it will be okay. i hope so, anyway. >> you got a copy? >> you know, maybe we can arrange that. >> we know tonight's speech before joint session of congress will lay out the president's vision for america's future. among the proposals being reported, a five-year freeze on spending. this morning on "morning joe"s, valerie jarrett outlined some of the other elements. >> tonight's all about winning the future, making sure that the united states is competitive, investing in inno vation, education, infrastructure, tightening our belts, joe, this will appeal to you, making sure
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we are responsible of bringing down the deficit. >> joining me now, norah o'donnell. reducing deficits, the focus. but we also know the president does not plan to cut spending with social security or raise the retirement age. progressives happy about that, republicans likely to take a swing at it. >> reporter: no doubt about that. as you reported, tamron, we've learned here at nbc news, the president is going to propose this five-year freeze on nonsecurity discretionary spending. that will mean cuts for people, a freeze. that's a big move certainly. then, when it comes to defense issues, the president is going to endorse a plan by secretary of defense gates to cut $78 billion in defense spending. and they're going to look at other waste and inefficiency in government. so i think that's going to be a big headline from tonight's speech. certainly what the white house wants to be a big headline. this is part of the president's effort to kick off his 2012 campaign and brand himself as a
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fiscal conservative and appeal, once again to independents. you heard valerie jarrett, tamron, talk about outcompeting, being the best nation in the world, we can outcompete any other nation. that's why they're talking about five pillar of innovation, education, infrastructure, deficit reduction, reforming government, all to quote/unquote win the future. this is an appeal to patriotism in many ways. we are better than anybody else. how do we prove that? how do we make sure america maintains its number one standing in the world? i think that's part of what the president's going to do and what it's expected to an hour-long speech, i'm told. other areas, i think to watch for tonight, will the president mention gun control at all? certainly in the wake of the arizona shooting, they're are a number of the victims and the families of the victims sitting noex mrs. obama in the first lady's box. a number of groups have been very furiously lobbying the president to tackle the issue of gun control.
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i spoke today with the head of the brady campaign, and he told me, quote if obama doesn't say something about gun control, people are going to notice. he has ducked it again. i think the other big question people have is on some of these recommendations. the president, in last year's state of the union, proposed a fiscal commission. he had a fiscal commission. they laid out all these details how to cut the deficit and the president has yet to endorse any of the controversial recommendations by his own commission. so we don't think he's going to do this on social security. what will he do in terms of taking tough step when it comes to the entitlements that are the bulk of the concerns when it comes to our deficit. >> we should mention paul ryan will deliver the gop response five minutes after the president completes his state of the union address. 60 or so members of congress of opposite parties will sit together. in the past hour we've learned eric cantor won't sit next to minority leader nancy pelosi. cantor invited pelosi to sit
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with him but she agreed to sit with republican congressman roscoe bartlett of maryland. those who will break with tradition of sitting separately, which started in 1840s, chuck shum somewhere republican senator tom coborn. mary landrieu and senator olympia snoe of anthony weinor and peter king of and lisa murkowski of alaska and democratic senator barbara mikulski of maryland. ill's senators, dick durbin and republican mark kirk also in following the tragedy in tucson, the arizona, nevada, colorado delegations will sit together. democratic senator mark udall of colorado was the first to encourage democrats and republicans to sit together. he join me now. thank you for joining us. >> you can -- i'm smiling listening to all of those pairs
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you outlined. you have the loud mouths peter king and anthony weinor. the point is people are taking my suggestion to heart and the american people really had this idea. i just put voice to it. it's a fun, exciting and important night. >> it is important to note you were the first to bring this up. we talked with you after you made this proposal at the time you were hopeful that others would get on board. and they've done so, maybe obviously not the majority, but certainly some very powerful figures who will be sitting next to one another. >> of course. i think you'll see a lot of senators who will do this just on an ad hoc basis. they'll get in the spirit of the evening and a lot of house members, as well. it makes sense. if we can't sit together, at the state of the union, how can we solve the country's big problem? we've got a lot of work to do. this is the first step. >> paul braun, georgia, called
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sitting together a trap and a ruse. you can't convince everyone. but what do you make of this republican congressman, believing that this is a way the democrats are trying to somehow trap republicans? >> congressman braun is -- he can have his own opinion. i respect his opinion. we're free actors in the congress. look at the widespread embrace of this, you see it has weight. people understand the importance of it. and people can disagree, that's the congress of the united states. >> let me get quickly your reaction to the fact that we know the president's speech will focus on reducing the deficit. he does not plan to cut spending, social security or raise the issue of the retirement age. what's your reaction to some of the dribs and drabs of the president's speech that we're hearing? >> hallelujah. i think it's crucial to focus on getting debt down over the long term. i'd like to see the president call for us to take up the deficit commission's recommendations. i was one of the authors of the idea along with a number of
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senators. i applaud the republican senators who supported the report. this will put our economy back on track. >> senator udall, thank you. congratulations on your effort to take a small step in bringing folks together, especially those on capitol hill. >> you, too. it's all your help. you helped make it happen. >> let's bring in nationally syndicated radio host, my,le smerconish. you had a big interview with david axelrod. what did he have to say? >> this issue of where everybody's sitting, i think, puts the only us in on the president because, tamron, it forces his hand to come out and treat this state of the union address differently than they've been treated recently, meaning not like a party convention, not with all of the applause lines that are written in where you're trying to get members of your party to stand and to cheer. so what i wanted to ask of david axelrod whether they were open to the idea the president would say, please be seated and as a matter of fact, tonight feel
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free to stay seated. he didn't totally rule it out. what he said to me suggested there will be something that the president will do on his end of the bargain to sort of uphold this tone. >> we've talked about it, we've talked about it in previous years, as well because they're sitting together and not in separate stalls, you know, there may be a natural effect. so you know, but -- i'm not saying we're not going to do it, but we've kicked it around. but your impulse is exactly right. >> interesting, michael, i want to take a second, though, and talk about the tone as well as the specifics from the president. a lot of focus made regarding this sit together or taking a date. but regarding specifics that we need to hear from the president, it's one thing to have a speech
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that inspires. it is another at this point that people need specifics here. what do you expect from the president there? >> my hunch is that the focus will be largely on economics and largely on spending, largely on the debt. i think the 5% figure that you've already articulated suggests that's the direction in which they're going pop to address the nation's problems the entitlement programs have to be on the table. i hope that someone will pick up the work of bowles and simpson because it would be a shame if all of that effort went to waste. >> michael smerconish, thank you. nbc's state of the union coverage begins 7:00 p.m. eastern, with "hardball," chris matthew united states, 8:00 p.m. "the last word," and rachel maddow will be live. msnbc will have live editions of "the last word" at 11:00 and see rachel at midnight. breaking news out of new york.
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the first guantanamo bay detainee to stand trial in the u.s. has just been sentenced to life in prison for his role in the bombings of two u.s. embassies in africa. last year, ghailani found guilty on a single count of conspiracy, acquitted on 281 other charges related to truck bombings in 199 that killed 224 people at u.s. embassies in tanzania and kenya. russia's security services were tipped off a terrorist attack was in the work a full week before yesterday's grisly suicide bombing. security agents reportedly seeking three suspects before the bomb went off, killing 35, injuring more than 160 others. russia's president medvedev says every official must answer for the breach. medvedev promises to liquidate the terrorists behind the attack. je
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stephanie, conflicting reports, some believing they saw two suicide bombers, other reports indicate there may have been just one. >> reporter: you know, at this point a lot of questions remain as to who is behind this. there was no official claim of responsibility and how it was perpetrated, whether there was a male suicide bomber, female suicide bomber, one blast or two. investigators were scouring the airport trying to get answers and the russian leaders are scrambling to reassure the public here on those reports that they actually had that specific information and didn't act on it. today, prime minister putin said they're going to find out who is behind this and go after them. >> reporter: authorities say the suicide bomb was designed to be as deadly as possible. filled with ball bearings and screws that ripped through the international arrivals hall at moscow's main airport. amateur video appears to catch the moment of the blast. some eyewitnesses say they saw the bomber.
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>> translator: i raised my head and here came the blast. somebody made a shout starting with the sound ah, and followed by an explosion. the suitcase was on fire. >> reporter: inside a cloud of thick smoke, chaos, and victims. baggage and blood strewn across the airport floor. >> terrible. never wish i had seen it. >> frightened now? >> no, but very shocked. >> reporter: dozens were killed and more than 160 wounded, many removed from the terminal on gurney. medvedev quickly blamed terrorists vowing to find and punish those behind it. u.s. officials condemn the attack. >> we stand with the people of russia in this moment of sorrow and grief. >> reporter: so far, there has been no claim of responsibility. now, there are a lot of questions here russians are concerned that maybe this
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damages their image abroad. the president was scheduled to go and speak at the world economic forum to try to secure foreign investment from the country, concerns tonight that the international community might be doubting whether or not the country's safe to invest in. >> stephanie, thank you. will his name be on the ballot? developing news on rahm emanuel's fight to run for mayor of chicago. what military officials are saying about the army private being held in the wikileaks scandal. why investigators are having trouble connecting him to julian assange. plus -- details on a new government report that finds some bush administration officials [ male nnouncer ] not sure what to take? now click on the robitussin relief finder. click on your symptoms. get the right relief. makes the cold aisle easy. the robitussin relief finder. it's that simple. isn't some optional pursuit. a privilege for the ultra-wealthy. it's a necessity. find investments with e-trade's top 5 lists.
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into new developments from illinois in the chicago mayor's race. the l ill supreme court has issued a stay on an appellate
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court's order that took rahm emanuel out of the running. the illinois supreme court has also ordered election officials not to print any ballots without emanuel's name. nbc's john yang live in chicago. this is why i loved living there for continue yeten years. here we just learned in the last hour that looks like -- can we say rahm is on the ballot now? >> reporter: for the time being, tamron, he's on the ballot, he's off the ballot, back on the ballot. the court ordered this stay. this is the order, one-page order, saying that the ballots that -- if any ballots printed while the appeal is going on, they have to include rahm's name but they haven't taken the appeal. they haven't said they will take the appeal. the issue, here, of course whether or not rahm emanuel meets the state law's requirement that any candidate for mayor, in any municipality in the state of illinois has to reside in that municipality for
2:18 pm
a year before the election. the question is, what does reside mean? rahm emanuel says that even though he moved his family to washington, he rented out his house in 2009 and moved to washington to become president obama's chief of staff, that throughout all of that, he still remained a chicago resident. >> i believe in the position that we've taken, that working for president obama, his chief of staff, his request, does not mean i gave up my residency and that, two, owning a home here with things like my wife's wedding dress in the house, paying property taxes, voting, means i didn't give up my residency. >> reporter: now that statement was made at a campaign appearance with -- at a teamsters event. rahm emanuel is still on the campaign trail, despite the question of whether or not he's on the ballot.
2:19 pm
and then the question also becomes, if these ballots are printed and the state supreme court eventually rules against rahm emanuel, or decides not to take the case and lets lower courts' opinion stand, what's going to happen to people who mark ballots for rahm emanuel? early voting starts on monday and the absentee ballots, being printed now, go out on monday. it's very much in the -- up in the air as the election is just around the corner, tamron. >> john, thank you very much. and carol browner, a key adviser to president obama on energy and environmental issues, is the latest official to announce her departure from the white house. a central figure for the obama administration during the gulf oil spill cleanup. michael jackson's doctor enters his plea on charges he accidentally killed the king of pop. plus -- new technology in cars could warn drivers before they get into an accident. we'll take a look at the
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welcome back to "news nation." you may not be able to avoid or foresee an accident on the road. new car technology could someday do it for you. cnbc's phil lebeau gives us an exclusive look. >> reporter: here in washington, major automakers with the federal government are giving us a peek at technology that could be standard in all cars in the future. it's called intellidrive, it may be reality. it happens every six seconds in the u.s. car crashes. head-on, side impact, or rear-end collisions. more than 5 million in 2009,
2:24 pm
killing almost 34,000, injuring 2 million more. automakers are developing a technology called intellidrav that will warn drivers when they're about to crash. >> we feel that the program fully implemented can save up to 80% of the traffic accidents for nonimpaired drivers. >> reporter: here's how it works. using gps transmitters and wi-fi, cars constantly send out signals with their location and speed. so a driver about to be broadsided at an intersection would be warned to hit the brakes and avoid a collision. >> we want it to be like a vigilant co-pilot they have with them all the time. >> reporter: we tested the technology with engineers from ford. first, at a blind intersection. >> looks like it's safe to go. so at this point i'm going to accelerate -- whoa! not a good idea. >> reporter: attempting to change lanes.
2:25 pm
with this system it warns you if you're going to lane change into another car. so here's an example. right there, the system warns me that in the lane right next to me, there was a car that i would have hit. with technology that helps prevent rollovers and drifting across lanes, cars are doing some of the thinking for you. google is testing a car that does driving for you. >> it's possible someday cars will drive themselves, like the space vehicles on "the jetsons." looks like an opening up ahead. >> reporter: until that day, intellidrive will have a big impact on safety. >> huge potential to reduce crashes on freeways. >> reporter: and save lives. >> and save lives which is the ultimate goal. >> reporter: it will be some time before the technology is in all new cars and trucks, probably six or seven years down the road. the federal government needs to work with all automakers to
2:26 pm
implement technology. make no mistake, it is coming. cars communicating with each other in order to keep you from crashing into another vehicle. that's the story here in washington. >> good stuff. breaking news out of chicago. the illinois supreme court spokesperson is saying that the justices will hear rahm emanuel's appeal in chicago's mayor's race. you might recall we had a live report from john yang at the time the decision had not been made. but we knew the illinois supreme court said the name can appear on ballots for the chicago's mayor's race. the illinois supreme court said justices will hear rahm emanuel's appeal in that hot race. ♪ [ female announcer ] clear some snow. ♪ or spread a little warmth. maxwell house gives you a rich full flavored cup of coffee so you can be good to the last drop.
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we removed the alcohol and made it less intense. ♪ now people everywhere are getting a deep clean and fresher mouth without the intensity that kept them away. it still kills bad breath germs for a whole mouth clean. but it's never felt so good. ♪ new listerine® zero™. deep clean. less intense. the #1 dentist recommended mouthwash brand, listerine®. welcome back to "news nation." chief justice john roberts called last year's state of the union, quote, a political pep rally. we've learned six justices will attend tonight's address. who are they?
2:30 pm
are investigators having trouble linking wikileaks founder julian assange to the army private accused of leaking secret war documents? karl rove accused of illegally using taxpayer money. what a new report reveals about some officials. "news nation" gut check, walking and texting, it may be rude, it may be dangerous for some, but should it be illegal? president obama's state of the union address tonight will reflect reality. the economy trumps all. spending, jobs, bipartisan spirit some of the headlines already being reported. we've assembled a special panel to discuss what americans want to hear what we need to hear, from our president. mo alethy and ron christie, former special assistant to president george w. bush. ron, our first team says when president obama delivers his second state of the union address he will have a special charge, winning over republicans
2:31 pm
skeptical whether he's willing to compromise. an unusual note, how can the president win over skeptical republicans? >> good afternoon. i think the president can take a bold and decisive step laying out in specific terms how he wants to reach across the aisle, how he hopes to strengthen the economy, how he proposes to get america back to oh. for the laugh two years the president has spoken in grandiose terms. he's an eloquent speaker but he's not been very good laying out specifics. a very good start, a very good olive branch, giving republicans concrete examples where he's going to reach across the aisle and demonstrate to the american people he means business. >> it was printed in our first read as a great point. mo, let me bring you in here. one of the headlines, obama to stand by social security. the president will talk about spending, perhaps being out of control, focusing on the deficit 14 trillion but will not call for a cut in social security or raise retirement. this is being contrasted to what
2:32 pm
we'll hear from congressman paul wry will likely in his republican response. >> well yeah. i think you're going to hear the president tonight talk about three main things. he's going to talk about the economy hour, to get us more competitive and make real investments in our competitive edge with our economic competitors. he's going to talk about cutting deficit, reining in government spending and talk about bipartisanship. i do think the social security is one of the areas where we will see a huge contrast between what he says and what congressman ryan says. i think it's telling that the republicans chose congressman ryan, a man who supports privatizing social security, which i don't think is a direction most people want to go in. the main thing you're going to hear from the president is that when it comes to getting our economy back on track, let's begin with those areas where we can come together as opposed to areas where we immediately are divided. >> mo, let me go back to some of the things you pointed out.
2:33 pm
you point out the president will talk about cuts and our issues with spending. does the president need to be specific here? it is one thing to be broad in saying this, everyone is saying this, we have to get spending under control. how specific does he have to be tonight? >> i think he needs to lay out an approach. he's been talking about an approach. he does have that report that's in front of him by the -- by his bipartisan deficit commission. but i think he needs to begin to lay out an approach that talks about how we rein in government spending without giving up our competitive edge in the economy and making investments in things like energy and education. that will be interesting to see how he he does that beginning tonight and in the days following. we know state of the union is the beginning of a major push. we'll see what he says in the coming days as well. >> and his campaign push as well. ryan grim, senior congressional
2:34 pm
correspondent for the huffington post, he's joined us late but always the life of the party. let me ask you, regarding the president, and perhaps getting some kind of compromise a spirit of compromise with the republicans who are watching, you've got a tea party response from michelle bachmann, you already know that ryan will respond for the gop. how does he counter what we're expecting? particularly which is intriguing from michelle bachmann? >> senate republicans are having lunch in the capitol now. as soon as the news broke about the spending freeze i asked what they thought of it. immediately, they said this is not enough. i spoke with jeff session, he said, didn't he propose something like this last year? there's really nothing that the president can give them that's going to convince them that he's a deficit hawk. he can propose a deficit commission and stack it with deficit hawks. he can go out and propose cutting social security. he can do anything that senate republicans, house republicans are going to continue to talk
2:35 pm
about the stimulus. they're going to say spending is out of control. they're going to say that regardless of what the president does. all the president is doing is shifting the debate. the debate is do we freeze spending or cut spending instead of do we invest in jobs or freeze spending or which jobs do we invest in. the conversation that shifted far to the deficit hawk area as a result of this. >> as valerie jarrett said earlier this morning, no shortage of people who have something to say about this speech tonight. mo, ryan, ron, thank you. we learned six supreme court justices will attend tonight's state of the union address. the same number that attended last year's speech. one big question, whether chief justice john roberts will be among them. he objected to the partisan atmosphere last year's address where president obama criticized a recent supreme court ruling on campaign financing. >> with all due deference to
2:36 pm
separation of powers, last week the supreme court reverses a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests. including foreign corporations. to spend without limit in our elections. >> while the president got a standing ovation by democratic lawmakers, justice alito shook his head and mouthed not true. joining me now, nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. alito will be on vacation? >> reporter: no, he's in hawaii on a speaking event. he was in the courtroom yesterday when the court handed down opinions. he won't be there. but we know that six, the court has said six will be there and it's a safe bet that the four democratic appointees will be there, ruth bader ginsburg, sonia sotomayor, elena kagankag. will john roberts be number six? after that little clip that you
2:37 pm
played of the president criticizing the supreme court for the decision in the big campaign finance case, justice roberts said that he doesn't know why anybody, from the supreme court, would go to these speeches when they're political pep rallies. but that was last year and this is now. and we've had the tucson shooting, a new mood on capitol hill to try to make at least tonight's event into a much more of an evening of reconciliation of trying to show that civility reigns supreme. i think it's a certainty chief justice roberts will in fact attend because if he stayed away, it would be so conspig cuous, he's been to every state of the union message since he became chief justice and to suddenly not come tonight i think would stand out. it seeps a safe bet he will make it six. >> pete, justice scalia gave this speech or was at a speaking engagement hosted by members of the tea party. he says he's not attended in the last ten years but people
2:38 pm
buzzing about the fact he's not going to be at the state of the union but stressing, he's not been there in the last ten years. >> reporter: some members of the supreme court, and this started under william rehnquist i think it's been probably since 1972 when all nine justices came. william rehnquist used to publicly gumbel that supreme court justices and you've seen it in the tapes you've been playing have to sit there while the president makes all sorts -- any president makes all sorts of statements about what they want congress to do, bills that may become laws that the score may be asked to review, so in they have to sit there and rehnquist used to say they're just bumps on the log, political props. and in the year 2000, for example, no supreme court justices came to the annual joint session or state of the union address. and there have been, i think, three, four years when steven breyer was the only justice who came. we're -- it was four justices
2:39 pm
until the last couple of years, then it was six, and it's going to be six again tonight. but it's fluctuated back and forth over the years. >> it's so interesting when you think about it, over the years, as you pointed out, a different mix, regarding the number of justices, but this is one of the headlines that we're talking about now for this state of the union. it's amazing. pete, thank you very much. msnbc state of the union bins at 7:00 with "hardball," "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell and rachel maddow live from 9:00 until 11:00, she'll join chris, lawrence, ed schultz and eugene robinson. live editions of "the last word" and rachel at midnight. a hearing under way for alleges underwear bomber. it tops our look around the nation. trying to blow up an airliner christmas day 2009 with a bomb hidden in his underwear. because he wants to represent himself, the judge said he must show up at court today for a pretrial conference. police say a serial killer
2:40 pm
may be responsible for the deaths of four women found near a beach in long island, new york. officials have detains all four women, each worked as a prostitute or escort and advised online. police think the women were killed somewhere else and dumped near the beach? in court, michael jackson's doctor pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. he will not seek a plea bargain. if convicted, murray could face up to four years in prison and lose his medical license. u.s. military officials admitting that they cannot make a direct link between army private bradley manning and wikileaks founder julian assange. officials tell nbc news, there's no evidence that manning passed secret documents directly to assange, documents manning is accused of downloading illegally. they say there is no evidence he had any sort of direct contact with assange who is currently under house arrest near london.
2:41 pm
nbc news pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins us live from the pentagon. what else are military officials saying about what some might see as a bombshell here? >> reporter: it's important to point out, our sources are telling us that investigators are been apparently unable to find any evidence of a direct contact between pfc bradley manning, accused of unlawfully downloading tens of thousands of classified documents and passing them on to an unauthorized person. that there was apparently no direct contact between manning and julian assange, the founder of wikileaks. the big question here that investigators have to try to answer is that, did wikileaks just receive this material or was somebody at wikileaks involved and coercing, collaborating, convincing manning, or anybody else, to provide this kind of information? and that would be critical in the attempts by the justice department to build a conspiracy or espionage case either against
2:42 pm
julian assange, the founder of wikileaks, or somebody else at wikileaks, who may have been involved in this. >> mik, thank you for the update on that story. going for oscar gold. the academy award nominations are out and it is a royal flush. courtney haze let's has the scoop and the snubs. a lot going on today. some things we thought you should know. anonymous novel about president obama's 2012 presidential campaign hits shelves today. simon & schuster released "o." as far as the writer's identity, the author, quote, has been in the room with barack obama. new government report finds some bush administration officials violated the law by improperly giving political briefings at federal agencies during george w. bush's time in office. the report says the white house office of political affairs, run by karl rove, illegally spent taxpayer money on political campaigns. government officials won't file
2:43 pm
charges since bush is no longer in office. a civil war historian accused of altering history. discovering this pardon written by lincoln. lincoln was believed to have pardoned a union soldier hours before the president was assassinated. the date on the pardon reads april 14, 1865. but it turns out the pardon happened one year prior to lincoln's death. the national archive says lowry confessed to changing 1864 to 1865 but he won't be charged with a crime because the statute of limitation on tampering with government property is five years. those are the things we thought you should know. in some of nature's best ingredients. we created purina one with smartblend. delicious shredded morsels and crunchy bites with real meat, wholesome grains and antioxidants for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your dog.
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after weeks of speculation, official nominations for the 83rd academy awards are finally in. movie lovers buzzing over the news. who stands the greatest chance of going home with an oscar? let's get the scoop from pop
2:47 pm
culture columnist courtney haslett? >> all of the shows that lead up to the oscars but it's the academy awards that what people want top tune into the most. >> my husband has mechanical difficulties with his speech. >> reporter: a royal showing for "the king's speech" at this morning's academy award nominations. it led the way with 12, including best picture and best actor for colin firth. it's his second straight nominati nomination. >> if you wait 50 years for something, you know, and then hit a moment like this, you know, it's celebration enough. >> reporter: golden globe winner for best dram pla, "the social network," also in the best picture race with the thriller, "black swan," "the fighter," sci-fi epic, "inception" and drama "the kids are all right." >> do toys get played with every day? >> reporter: "toy story 3," best animated film. other contenders include "127
2:48 pm
hours," "winter's bone", and remake "true grit" which ran second to "the king's speech" with ten tomorrow nations overall. >> plenty guns going off. >> reporter: jeff bridges has a chance to make back-to-back wins as best actor. his competition includes not only colin firth, but jesse eisenberg of "the social network," javier bardem of "biutiful" and james franco of "127 hours." >> it's a big honor. i'm very happy and the movie i just, you know, so happy to have been a part of it. >> attack it. attack it. >> reporter: winners are natalie portland of "black swan" and annette benning of "the kids are all right" will go head-to-head in the best actress race. looking to pull an upset, nicole kidman of rabbit hill, michelle williams and jennifer lawrence of "winter's bone". geoffry rush of "the king's speech" is in the hunt for best supporting actor with john hawks of "winter's bone", jeremy runner of "the town" and mark
2:49 pm
ruffalo of "the kids are all right." chasing winner christian bale of "the fighter." mel list see lee's won a golden globe for "the fighter" and amy adams has a good chance of winning, too, up against helena bonham carter, 14-year-old hailee steinfled of "true grit." ten best picture nominees and a long, long list of actors and supporting actors and actresses. in my opinion, the town right here is the biggest snub-jeremy renter nod. who could be up for best picture as well. when you look at the list of ten, it was the ten movies you might have considered seeing and they ended up on the list but "the town" the one exception right there.
2:50 pm
>> our executive producer and senior producer having a debate over the ten picture, you know, ten pictures listed as possible best picture that it's too many. they've done it before. you agree, too many? >> reporter: too many. here's why they do it. it's money. any time you have a movie nominated whether best picture, best director, it's going to make more money at the box office if you release, downloading on dvr. so there's also an argument we like to see more actors get a chance. but at the end of the day it means box office bucks. i don't see them backing off soon. >> james franco and anne hathaway, that should be interesting, for a bunch of reasons. for the latest, logon to dangerous distraction. lawmakers want to crack down on people texting and using ipods while walking or running down the street. really, should this be against
2:51 pm
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time for today's "news nation" "gut check." targeting distracted drivers, two states taking aim at texting or ipod wearing pedestrians. lawmakers in new york and arkansas worried distracted pedestrians are also dangerous. in fact the lawmakers propose restrictions on using cell phones and music playerser such as ipods by people walking or running along the street or sidewalk. one example of the dangers of distracted pedestrian a woman texting walking through a pennsylvania mall and fell into a fountain. the video went viral. she admits texting and walking is dangerous. and the proposal in arkansas would ban pedestrians from wearing headphones in both ears while on or adjacent to a street, road, intersection or highway. the measure applies to runners and cyclists but would allow pedestrians to wear headphones
2:55 pm
in one ear. new york, senator karl kruger trying since 2007 to ban the use of cell phones and other gadgets by pedestrians in major cities crossing the street. citing a series of accidents in brooklyn involving distracted pedestrians. what is your gut "news nation" tell you? should be people banned from texting or wearing ipods while -- the little things in both ears -- walking or running along the sidewalk. go to don says it should be banned. take a look at what the news nation is saying about yesterday's gut check. did jay cutler deserve the criticism he received? 32% of you said yes he should have played hurt. 68% said no, his injury was bad enough to leave the game. among comments we've received, andre wrote, he got the right reaction. at this point, all players are
2:56 pm
hurt new york excuse for that in the ffc championship game. evi wrote, no, he doesn't deserve it or would some of you prefer for his knee to be ripped to shreds? cut jay some slack. that does it for "news nation." i'm tamron hall. mark udall returns to talk about the reaction to the state of the union address and how many lawmakers honored their agreement to sit together. thomas roberts picks up coverage after a break. time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. john and bret have a simple idea, people would send in old t-shirts and they'd make them into blankets. they started u-blanket and got the word out via social media. after one month they became profitable. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. [ male announcer ] this is lara.
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state of the union, the president delivers his goals for the country but do they match your own? protecting police. a rash of officer deaths, is there an unfair fight for the streets today? bouncing back, stocks making a run at 2008 highs. is this a good sign of things that are coming our way? hi, everybody, great to have you with me today. i'm thomas roberts. those stories are coming your way this hour. first, the countdown, it's on. 9:00 p.m., the preside


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